Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipe

I have discovered that I have a fondness for using fresh lemon juice in many of my recipes, such as chicken piccata. Living in a place where fresh citrus is abundantly available, I often find myself with leftover lemon and lime peels. Instead of letting them go to waste, I have found a way to repurpose these peels into a delightful lemon pepper seasoning blend.

While I do use leftover peels in cleaning products on occasion, I also wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my cooking. By drying and dehydrating the peels, I am able to create a flavorful seasoning that enhances the taste of my dishes. The combination of lemon zest, salt, and pepper has been a staple in many of my recipes, leading me to pre-mix them for convenience.

Not only is this homemade lemon pepper seasoning cost-effective, but it is also a healthier alternative to store-bought varieties. Many commercial spice blends contain synthetic ingredients that may not align with my preferences for natural, wholesome ingredients.

Making lemon pepper seasoning at home is a simple process that can be done in one of two ways. If using fresh lemon peels (lime works as well), they should be dried in the oven or a dehydrator first. Once dried, I mix the peels with whole peppercorns and salt using a food processor or spice grinder. For a quicker version, pre-dried lemon peel granules can be combined with ground black pepper and salt.

Lemon pepper seasoning has the potential to divide opinions, so if it’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other herb and spice blends to explore. However, for those who enjoy the zesty kick of lemon pepper, it can add a delicious, mildly spicy flavor to a wide variety of dishes. To enhance the savory profile of meats and veggies, consider adding a dash of onion powder and garlic powder to the mix.

Some of my favorite recipes to use this homemade lemon pepper seasoning in include chicken piccata, fish dishes, and roasted vegetables. The versatility of this seasoning makes it a go-to option for adding a burst of flavor to a range of culinary creations.

For those interested in making their own lemon pepper seasoning, here is a simple recipe to follow:

Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipe

– Fresh lemons (or limes)
– Whole peppercorns
– Salt

1. If using fresh lemons, preheat the oven to its lowest setting. Thoroughly zest the lemons and spread the fresh lemon out on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.
2. Place in the oven on the lowest setting and leave until completely dried (approximately 70 minutes).
3. When completely dried, mix the dried lemon with peppercorns and salt in a food processor until well combined. If using pre-dried lemon peel, simply mix all ingredients in a food processor until blended.

Store the homemade lemon pepper seasoning in a tightly sealed jar or airtight container in the cupboard for future use.

Do you create your own seasonings at home? Share your favorite homemade spice blends and seasoning recipes with us!

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